08/24/2010 08:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Pope Bans Booze, Vuvuzelas From UK Visit (PHOTOS)

Britons hoping to catch a glimpse of Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to to the United Kingdom next month have been told to leave the booze, among other things, at home.

Organizers released a detailed list Monday of items that "could pose a threat to yourself or others" during the pontiff's three public appearances in Glasgow, London and Birmingham. The ban on whistles, and therefore the latest noisemaking phenomenon, the vuvuzela, was the subject of a number of headlines.

Meanwhile, the Guardian's report on the list could barely mask a certain sly amusement with the Pope's request:

Happily, Catholics are permitted to have sunblock, banners, flags, cushions and small folding chairs. Those who forget to bring something to sit or kneel on are encouraged to use their "pilgrim's pack", a drawstring back containing a 12-track CD featuring Britain's Got Talent Finalist Liam McNally, a pass permitting entry to the event and a postcard.

The Pope arrives in Scotland on Sept. 16 and is scheduled to stay in the U.K. for four days.

See some of the items banned during the Pope's U.K. appearances here:

Items Banned During Pope's UK Visit