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'Blood Dolphins': 'The Cove' Star Ric O'Barry Returns To Japan To Confront The Continuing Dolphin Slaughter (VIDEO)

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Activist Ric O'Barry first shocked the world by exposing Japan's annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins when he made the Academy-Award winning documentary, "The Cove," with Louie Psihoyos. Now, O'Barry returns to Japan with his filmmaker son, Lincoln O'Barry, appalled to discover that even with the worldwide attention "The Cove" garnered, the brutal dolphin hunting continues.

"Blood Dolphins" is a new three-part miniseries from Animal Planet, continuing Ric's journey advocating for dolphins across the world. First, the O'Barrys return to Taiji, Japan -- site of "The Cove" -- and then head to the Solomon Islands, where they try to put a stop to a lucrative and inhumane captive dolphin trade.

"The most important thing I can do...that my son can show the world through projects like 'Blood Dolphins' just how threatened dolphins are so we can all do something about it," says Ric O'Barry.

"Blood Dolphins" premieres Friday, August 27 at 11PM ET/PT on Animal Planet. The network will also be premiering the cable television premiere of "The Cove" on August 29.


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