08/30/2010 02:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Chicago Winter Could Be 'Gentler' Than Usual

While most Chicagoans don't have winter on their minds on a 90-plus-degree August day, perhaps some news about what is to come in the colder months will prevent some sweaty complaining.

The Farmer's Almanac released its "2011 Winter Outlook" over the weekend, and for Chicago--the news is good. Unless you hate snow.

As they point out in their new report, the Almanac predicted the "widespread snowfall, including many blizzards," that hit the country hard last year. This year, things are looking a bit better.

The almanac predicts "near-normal winter temperatures" for the Midwest, saying it will be "cold and very snowy." This is better than our neighbors to the east, who can look forward to either "very cold" or "bitterly cold" temperatures.

The almanac also gave some insight on expected winter storms. The Midwest can expect "a procession of fast-moving 'Alberta Clipper' systems that will bring snowier-than-normal conditions to parts of the Northern and Central Plains, and to the Ohio River and Great Lakes region."

Snow days?

All and all, though, 2011 is expected to bring a "kinder and gentler winter overall," which is just what Chicagoans want to hear.

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