08/31/2010 08:38 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Brad Pitt's 'Make It Right Foundation' Builds Green Homes For Katrina-Hit Neighborhood, New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward (VIDEO)

In 2007, Brad Pitt co-founded the Make It Right Foundation, which aims to build 150 environmentally friendly homes in a New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina -- Lower Ninth Ward.

This video from Reuters takes a look at some of the houses, which are custom tailored to the specific things that residents liked and disliked about their previous houses.

The buildings employ a range of eco-friendly technology to make them more efficient and healthy, including Energy Star-rated windows and appliances, formaldehyde-free cabinets and paints free of VOCs. Additionally, the houses are elevated 8 feet and have an emergency escape hatch in the roof, in the event of any disasters. They are also affordable, costing about $150,000 each.

Visit the Make It Right website for more information.