08/31/2010 07:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Must-Read Los Angeles Books: Written By Angelenos About Los Angeles

Every month, Los Angeles Magazine releases their recommendations of the best books written by Angelenos or about Los Angeles. This month's picks have a back-to-school seriousness about them, ranging from Euna Lee's account of her imprisonment in North Korea to the recession's impact on the middle class (including our own Arianna Huffington's Third World America) to theories on the existence of God. Of course, for more light-hearted fare, there are books cashing in on the current vampire trend (set in Los Angeles, of course), a book on deal-breaking dating offenses, and an insider account of The Brady Bunch show.

Caption text by Wendy Witherspoon. For the rest of the list and more of the Best of Los Angeles, check out the Los Angeles Magazine.

LA Mag's September 2010 Reading List