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Unigo's Top 10 Sexiest Schools (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 09/01/10 09:48 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:30 PM ET

What makes a school sexy? Beautiful students (and lots of them), warm weather, a dash of alcohol? College content site Unigo surveyed more than 30,000 students to find out. While "hook-up cultures" tend to prevail at most schools, some campuses are wilder than others. See what students from the top ten schools told Unigo about college romance -- and weigh in with your own experience in the comments section.

Arizona State University
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Arizona State University is perfectly situated between Tempe and Phoenix, two hotbeds of sun, skin and carousing. Tempe’s Mills Avenue, in particular, is a popular spot for college-aged crowds to roam about -- and the romantic pickings are far from slim. The guys and gals of Arizona State are “absolutely beautiful men and women,” one student says. This leads to “the ‘Barbie and Ken go to college’ stereotype,” but students insist –- by the time they graduate -– their beauty is almost always matched by their brains. “Seriously, you can’t graduate from college based on looks alone,” one says. As the years pass most students learn to behave with some modicum of discretion, but that doesn’t change the reality of freshman year at ASU, which many summed up in two words: “Completely hedonistic.”
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