Christine O'Donnell, Tea Partying Delaware Senate Candidate, Gets Grilled Over Exaggerated Claims

09/02/2010 04:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Christine O'Donnell, a Tea Party Express-backed candidate running against Rep. Mike Castle in an upcoming Delaware GOP Senate primary, had her hot streak put on ice Thursday morning, as conservative radio host Dan Gaffney repeatedly rained all over the conservative candidate's recent parade.

WGMD's Gaffney -- who had supported O'Donnell in her 2006 quest for the Senate but apparently no longer felt compelled to be nice to her at all -- grilled O'Donnell about recent statements in which she claimed that she had tied now-Vice President Joe Biden in two of three districts during her second Senate campaign in 2008.

"Christine, he won in votes, you know that," Gaffney told O'Donnell about the vote count in Sussex County.

"What about Kent County?" Gaffney asked.

"We trailed by about 10,000 votes, I said we nearly tied," O'Donnell clarified, countering her campaign trail contention that she had actually tied Biden.

The rest of the exchange was equally caustic, with Gaffney digging into issues of O'Donnell's lasting 2008 campaign debt, college degree, a recent altercation at a candidate forum, and a controversial attack ad by one of her former associates that claimed Rep. Castle was gay.

O'Donnell explicitly distanced herself from the ad, Thursday, saying that she had nothing to do with its production and did not condone the message.

"Yates doesn't work form my campaign anymore," O'Donnell said of the video's creator. "I think that's a very tacky approach. I never said Mike Castle was gay, that is an insult to his wife Jane and and insult to Mike Castle."

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