09/02/2010 10:43 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Joe Miller Noncommittal On Leader McConnell, Questions GOP 'Courage,' 'Leadership' (VIDEO)

On the heels of defeating incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska's GOP Senate primary, Joe Miller declined to say whether he would support Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell keeping his leadership role if elected.

When Miller was asked about the matter during an appearance on CNN's "John King USA" on Wednesday, the Tea Party-backed hopeful was noncommittal in his response.

"Anybody that embraces this message can move it forward so that's going to be up to the Republican party. It's going to be up to the people of this great nation," explained the newly-minted GOP nominee. "I believe that the party should embrace that message. I think it is the future of this nation. I think it will lead us out of this mess. But let's just wait and see what happens."

As for the Republican party as a whole, Miller only tepidly expressed confidence that the GOP has the resources to get the nation and its economy back on the right track.

"There is an opportunity to lead this country out of the crisis its in and I believe the Republican Party is well suited to take up that mantle," said the conservative contender. "The question is whether or not there's the courage and leadership in that party to seize the moment and to recognize that the only way out of this is to get out of the age of the entitlement state to return power back to the states and recognize that central government is broken and see what we can do about fixing things and getting the government focused on those areas the enumerated powers that it should be doing. And the Republican Party can do it but it does require courage."


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