Did Lindsay Lohan Hit A Baby Stroller With Her Maserati?

09/03/2010 01:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Two eyewitnesses told Radaronline.com that they saw Lindsay Lohan clip a baby stroller with her Maserati and drive away.

"There was a woman pushing a kid in the stroller, maybe a two or three-year-old, crossing the street," freelance paparazzo Brayan Jaime told Radar. "Lindsay took the red light and hit the stroller. It wasn't super hard, but she made impact and hit them. Lindsay pulled to the right, stopped for two seconds, and then just kept going."

Jaime's friend shot a video seconds after the alleged incident that shows a baby crying from a stroller as Lindsay's Maserati disappears in the other direction.

Jaime told TMZ that Lindsay hit the stroller "in the middle, knocking 3 of the 4 wheels in the air."

As for why the child's nanny appears unruffled after the alleged accident, Jaime said, "She was in shock and Hispanic so she was scared."

When Radar reached Lindsay for comment, she said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Watch the video here.