09/06/2010 09:30 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mark And Linda Wilfong: West Virginia Couple's Tap Water Lights On Fire, House Smells Like Natural Gas Ever Since Well Drilled (VIDEO)

In this video from CNN, WDTV visits a West Virginia couple who have been experiencing some disastrous problems with their running water.

Ever since Mark and Linda Wilfong drilled their new water well, they've had nothing but trouble. Their tap water now lights on fire and their house reeks of natural gas.

"I've gone to the doctor with ear aches. I mean, the fumes are so bad," Mark Wilfong tells WDTV.

The couple has to use bottled water to cook or shower with, and the Wilfongs say they have made countless calls to address the issue but with no results.

"You would think there would be state or government agencies out there to regulate this stuff. But, nobody is stepping up to do anything. They're putting responsibility back on us and it's not our fault," says Wilfong.