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Sex Tapes & Scandals Of Summer 2010: What Was The Most Shocking? (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 09/06/10 08:54 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:30 PM ET

This summer has seen its share of scandals, from the definitive end of Mel Gibson's career to the sex tapes of several reality stars and the daughter of an Oscar nominee. Which was the most shocking?

You can see sex tapes of the past decade here.

Montana Fishburne sex tape
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Laurence Fishburne's 19-year-old daughter chose to release a sex tape to become famous, like Kim Kardashian. Montana also posed nearly nude on the cover of 'As Is' magazine next to the headline "I'm Not Doing Sh*t To Him, But F**king And Having My Career."
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