09/08/2010 09:52 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jane Fonda Talks About Her Plastic Surgery, Diet (VIDEO)

Jane Fonda has been open about her plastic surgery since she had her eyes, chin and neck done earlier this year and now she tells Entertainment Tonight more about the procedures.

"I recently had plastic surgery," she said. "It was a hard decision to make, and I decided if I'm going to do it, I'm going to tell the truth. I'm writing a book about aging, so I can't write that book and not say I've had plastic surgery. And you know, I just decided it was for me -- I don't want to have bags under my eyes that make me look tired, and so forth and so on."

Fonda, 72, has struggled with bulimia and admits her workouts have been excessive but she is trying to find moderation in walking hills, lifting weights and swimming.

"I have, in my life, been obsessive about exercise, about most everything," she said. "But one of the good things that happens when you get older is everything comes into perspective. I don't want to get hurt."