09/10/2010 07:58 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fat Orangutan 'Oshine' Put On Healthy Diet In New Home At Monkey World In England (VIDEO)

Oshine is a bit bigger than your average orangutan -- quite a bit bigger. At 220 pounds, she is about twice as large as she should be.

Oshine has been kept as a pet her whole life, living with humans in South Africa, BBC News reports in this video. Often left alone, her owners would feed her lots of sweets and junk food, like marshmallows, to appease her while they were gone. As Dr. Alison Cronin, director of England's Monkey World puts it, Oshine's weight problem is a result of "spoiled-child syndrome."

Monkey World is Oshine's new home, an ape rescue and rehabilitation facility in the UK. Monkey World is not only getting Oshine's diet back on the right track, with lots of fruits and veggies, but will also teach her how to live as part of a healthy and happy orangutan community -- something she lacked living with humans at her old home.


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