09/10/2010 11:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mills Studio Architects: The Fehlau / de Lumeau Residence On Reverie Road

This home is literally a work of art. Mills Studio Architects worked with owners and artist Fred Fehlau and Greg de Lumeau to create something inspired by Fred's contemporary art and work with galvanized steel. The end result: lots of warm wood paneling, concrete, and a steel shell. The three bedroom, two bathroom home has 4,500 square feet of living space and sits atop a 24,666 square foot lot - additional land available if you want it.

This home of steel is not only aesthetically pleasing - it's practically built too. Sitting on high on the hills of Tujunga, the original listing emphasizes the architect's concern for the environmental risks: "Steel was used for its aesthetics, its large span / open space capabilities, its ability to allow the building to touch the ground in as few places as possible, its ability to minimize interruptions to the existing natural drainage patterns, and as a response to the dangers of canyon fires." The home also has an indoor/outdoor pool that also acts as an "evaporative cooling device."

Photos courtesy of Architecture For Sale, via the official listing.

Reverie Road: The Fehlau / de Lumeau Residence