Randy Moss Rants After Patriots Win

09/13/2010 11:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Wide receiver Randy Moss went on a long rant about his contract situation in a post-game press conference after the Patriots beat the Bengals on Sunday.

Moss, who is in the last year of his three-year contract, said he is not appreciated in New England and he doesn't think he will be on the team next year.

"If you do a good job and think that you're doing a good job, you want to be appreciated. I really don't think that, me personally, that I'm appreciated," Moss explained. "I want to be here as a Patriot. I love being here. But I just think from a business standpoint, this probably will be my last year here as a Patriot."

He also said he doesn't think people in the New England area want to see him do well.

Moss insisted that he was "not being disgruntled or disrespectful," but he wanted to get his feelings "off his chest."

The 33-year-old told last Monday that he doesn't feel he is wanted.

Moss caught five passes for 59 yards in New England's victory over Cincinnati. You can read the entire transcript hos his 16-minute press conference here.

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