Colbert Hints At Rally Again As 'Truthiness' Movement Donates $100K To Charity (VIDEO)

09/14/2010 01:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Katla McGlynn Senior Comedy & Viral Editor, The Huffington Post

UPDATE: Colbert has written a personal message to the Reddit community thanking them for supporting the idea of a rally and for their donations (now over $140,000!) to, Colbert's favorite charitable organization. Colbert writes:

"I almost had a pregnant when I saw what you had done at for classrooms around the country. I am humbled and honored (a rare combination for me), and find myself wishing there was a Look of Approval."

PREVIOUSLY: Last night on "The Report," Stephen Colbert continued to taunt his fans with hints at a future "Truthiness" rally to counteract Glenn Beck's at the Lincoln Memorial. Since the Internet has been petitioning him to hold a rally for the last two weeks, Colbert and Jon Stewart have acknowledged the request, and have since battled with each other over who will make an announcement first. Colbert says he won't budge until Stewart makes a move.

Still, Colbert seemed happy that the subject of the rally was last week's biggest Internet meme, proving what he's always known, that "meme means 'Me! Me!'" He also reminded us that like Glenn Beck's rally, it can only happen if God or a prophetic goose tells Colbert to do it. Due to this, people keep sending stuffed geese to him in the mail, and members of the Colbert Nation even went so far as to release doves into the air outside Colbert's studio, sending a message that he "should hold a rally or at least bring a shotgun to work."

One thing Colbert did not mention, but likely will tomorrow, is that Reddit, the social network responsible for the rally idea, have been working hard to prove they are serious. According to, in just one day alone, "the Restoring Truthiness movement has donated $100,000 and counting to educational charities through, an organization of which Colbert is a board member."

This is obviously one Internet campaign that is not just going to fade into cyber space quietly. With this kind of dedication, we're pretty much counting on Colbert and Stewart to stop stalling and make some kind of announcement soon, before the movement grow weary.