Learn How To Snap Like A Diva With This Hilarious All-Male Tutorial (VIDEO)

09/14/2010 04:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We bet that until now, you had no idea how many snaps there were. But as you'll soon learn from the tutorial below, there are dozens of different diva snaps that mean different things. There's the domestic snap, the grand diva snap, and a variety of others that involve being ambidextrous and having whole lot of sass. These guys don't look like a gang of "snap divarettes" but that's their claim, and believe us, after watching this video you won't question their authority... on snaps. (Thanks CW!)

Update: We've now learned that this amazing video is actually a clip from "a landmark film called 'Tongues Untied' by the late Marlon Riggs," as told to us by one of our readers. Thanks Stephen!