09/14/2010 11:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Gingers Have Souls' Kid Dresses Like Mad Hatter, Announces New Rap Song (VIDEO)

The one we all know as the "Gingers have souls" kid, or CopperCab as he's known on the YouTube, is back with another ridiculous vlog for your viewing pleasure. This time he's wearing a full-on Mad Hatter costume complete with makeup, which he kindly asks you not to call him "gay" over since he had his aunt apply it. Right.

He also dropped the bomb that he's working on a rap video about cyber bullying to come out at some point in the future, which we can't WAIT to see. Why rap, you ask? According to CopperCab it's because "next to dub step, it's my favorite genre of music. I f***ing LOVE dub step!" Yeah, there's a lot of yelling. (Via Videogum)


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