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Top Chef DC Finale: Who Will Be Named Top Chef?

First Posted: 05/13/10 03:14 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:30 PM ET

UPDATE, 9/16/10:

Kevin Sbraga won Top Chef Wednesday night. Read about it here.


Top Chef DC wraps up in Singapore Wednesday night, when the season 7 winner will be named. Predict the winner, below!

Top Chef: DC's 17 Contestants:

John Somerville: Kicked Off In Premiere Episode
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FIELD NOTES: A failed maple dessert of store-bought pastry and unrealized maple flavor was his downfall. A James Beard-nominated chef who didn't get the opportunity to show much of anything on Top Chef.

AGE: 42
HOMETOWN: Ohio -- Currently resides in West Bloomfield, MI
PROFESSION: Chef de Cuisine, The Lark
CULINARY EDUCATION: BS In Engineering, University of Michigan
FAVORITE RECIPE: Spiced Spring cucumbers with dill

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Who will be named 'Top Chef' Wednesday night?

  • Angelo Sosa

  • Ed Cotton

  • Kevin Sbraga

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Bravo teases the finale thusly:

Fresh off that Emmy high is the season finale of Top Chef D.C.! The Final 3 chefs have been sharpening their knives to battle it out in Singapore as the season culminates in a fight to the finish and some very special Top Chef Alums are thrown into the mix to help execute these finalists' visions. But when Angelo falls ill in the very last throws of his Top Chef journey, will he muster up the strength to pull it all together? Or will it be Ed or Kevin that wins the title? Tune in to find out who will be named "Top Chef" on the *Finale Part 2* this Wednesday 9/15 @ 10/9c followed by Top Chef Just Desserts. Stay tuned tomorrow for some sweet promotions (of course that pun was intended! :))

And some previews of the action:

The Sous Chefs: The final three have experienced sous chefs at their disposal.

Angelo is Sick: Angelo Sosa is sick and him not being able to compete in the finals is a real possibility.


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