09/16/2010 03:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

RightNetwork Tries Their Hand At News And Satire With 'Leftovers' (VIDEO)

RightNetwork, the newly launched conservative TV network, is up and running with their new series entitled "Leftovers," a low-budget program that attempts to provide satire on a smattering of the "top stories in news, politics and entertainment."

The show, which Gawker precisely notes looks a lot like a clone of E's "The Soup," is remarkably unremarkable.

Instead of "The Soup's" charismatic Joel McHale, viewers are left with Adam Yenser. He looks sort of like an android who doesn't yet possess the capacity to use facial expressions, a trait he could learn from McHale, who is a true expert at this. Yenser is proficient enough at reading text from a teleprompter, but his delivery comes off as remorseful or pained. It looks like he's never really sure if what he's saying is actually funny, and most of the time it's not.

We also can't help notice that the unenthusiastic audience -- if 3 people really constitutes an audience -- doesn't even seem impressed by the writing. If you're going to produce a show and have your cameraman and interns to provide you with the laugh track, at least force them to laugh at the material.

But hey, if the writing's not great and the show is just generally unimpressive, we at least have to commend RightNetwork on their super-intuitive media player and crisp video quality. Way to go tech team!

Watch RightNetwork's "Leftovers":