Jolt Yourself Out Of Unhealthy Patterns (VIDEO)

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John Rodriguez was living the American dream. He had a good job as the executive chef of a private country club, married the woman of his dreams and had two sons.

When his wife was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting, Rodriguez's life unraveled. He lost his job, his home and gained 70 pounds. He lost his will to live. Rodriguez and his boys ended up homeless, living in a shelter.

Food, apathy and self pity became things of comfort for Rodriguez; he was no longer looking out for his sons. Enlisting the help of the United States Marines, Tony Robbins took Rodriguez through a series of physical and emotional challenges to jolt him back to life, and give his boys their father back.

The 'jolting' strategy is one that anyone can apply to their life. For the Rodriguez family it meant taking John out of his comfort zone and into a brand new environment in Fiji.

Some people say, well I could never do that, I don't have the money or I can't make it happen, says Robbins his video explanation, below. (You can watch the full episode here.)

"I hear people all the time talk about what they can't do and it makes me crazy. Of course you can!" Robbins says. "Of course you can find a way to achieve everything you want. That belief is what's keeping you from having a breakthrough."

There's a principle in human behavior and conditioning, he explains, in which we're continually training each other, perhaps without realizing it. If every time someone gets sad or angry people give them attention or love, they will always be sad or angry or have a problem. But if every time they step up, they're acknowledged for that, they will be rewarded.

"We often reinforce people for the wrong behaviors and then wonder why they behave the way they do," says Robbins.

Rodriguez was challenged to achieve things he never thought imaginable. And when the unimaginable became reality, the potential for the future seemed boundless. One year later, Rodriguez has turned his and his family's life around.

"You don't get results if you don't want results," says Rodriquez in the video below. "If you want results, the tools are here and you have to use them. And if you take the tools, it's endless where you can go."

WATCH: Robbins on how to break out of unhealthy patterns:

John Rodriguez and his son John Jr. discuss how they transformed their life:

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