09/17/2010 03:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Firefight In Kunar Province (VIDEO)

James Foley, a reporter with GlobalPost, was accompanying an American infantry unit in Afghanistan last month when the U.S. soldiers found themselves ambushed by Taliban insurgents.

Foley's resulting footage, shown in the video below, offers a rare, firsthand look at the trials and tribulations of American soldiers in Afganistan's Kunar Province, where U.S. and Taliban forces frequently face off. Just minutes into the firefight, Foley witnesses one 19-year-old soldier enduring a head injury after getting shot in the helmet.

Amidst a flood of expletives and other exclamations, the soldiers are also seen frantically treating, and then carrying, other severely wounded comrades to a makeshift evacuation vehicle.

Watch the full video here (warning: contains graphic scenes):