09/17/2010 11:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Homeless Man Donates $2500 To Charity

Winchester, Va. resident Jerry McClard has set a high bar for those who say they're too strapped for cash to donate to charity.

McClard has been living at a homeless shelter since 2002 and is approaching is 65th birthday. He's getting his life together, FOX reports, and decided to give back to the charities that he believes have saved his life in the past few years.

After saving up money from his monthly social security checks, he's doling out $1000 to the nonprofit Community Coalition Action Project, $500 to a free clinic that helped him diagnose his cancer early and $1000 to the WInchester Rescue Mission, his home for the last eight years.

"If I hadn't have lived here, I might not be talking to you today," said McClard.


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