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LeAnn Rimes' Ex-Husband Dean Sheremet Disputes Cheating Explanation

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Wendy Williams isn't the only one taking issue with LeAnn's Rimes' cheating explanation.

LeAnn's ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, tells Us Weekly:

"Age had very little to do with why we got divorced. I was very content and satisfied. I put myself on hold to funnel all my creative energy into her career and our marriage. I was willing to make the sacrifices necessary to have a successful marriage and further her career. I knew, and know, her better than anyone in this world... I was blindsided and shocked that she of all people would do this to the closest person in her life."

LeAnn recently told Shape:

"My relationship with Dean was great, but ultimately it wasn't a fulfilling marriage for either of us. We got married so young: I was 19 and he was 21, so as we got older, we grew apart."

In July, Dean moved in with his new girlfriend, photographer Sarah Silver, Us Weekly reported.

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