09/17/2010 04:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Douglas Kirkland, Woolrich Celebrate Anniversary Collaboration At Bloomingdale's (PHOTOS)

Famed photographer Douglas Kirkland mixed with a crowd of New York's social scene Thursday night at Bloomingdale's to celebrate his collaboration with Woolrich John Rich & Bros.

To mark the 180th anniversary of the Woolrich brand, Kirkland shot portraits of 18 individuals with the iconic Woolrich parka — one each in color and black and white, in a move Kirkland said was meant to convey the classic history and contemporary relevance of the Woolrich brand — for a book, "Douglas Kirkland: 18 Portraits Celebrating 180 Years of Woolrich."

"Growing up in a cold place, in Southern Ontario, Woolrich was a brand of choice for us because it was always warm and comfortable," he told the Huffington Post. "The parka with the fur on it was standard fare for us. It's extraordinary that they have kept up with the times. Beyond the parka, they have changed and they have some pretty hip, cool items which I wear. They have great jackets that are really very now."

Kirkland said that the project was a creative dream, in that he had complete license to photograph the parka in any setting he liked ("I tested it a few times and they said go for it," he said. "Theres even a nude in the book"). Some of his favorite images, which appear below, include that of Erika Lemay suspended in space with the parka trailing her, Ashley Victoria Greathead nude with the parka, the band Maxim Ludwig and the Santa Fe Seven all in their parkas, Nina Clemente naked from the waist up with food all around her, and 12-year-old actress Elle Fanning, who he described as "extraordinary" and said "looked like a doll in the parka."

On hand for a book signing and performance by DJ Chelsea Leyland were Olivia Palermo & Johannes Heubl as well as Dalia Oberlander & Nick Brown, Poppy de Villeneuve, Chessy Wilson, Sabine Heller, Serena Merriman, Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, TJ Allers, Frances Tulk-Hart, Jennifer Pastore and Valeria Caffagni (scroll down for party photos).




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