09/20/2010 05:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Andrew Bird Bringing 'Gezelligheid' Concerts Back To Chicago This Winter

Following up on the critical acclaim of his winter concerts last year, Andrew Bird will be back to Chicago this December for another installment of "Gezelligheid."

The concerts will take place at the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicagoist reports, just north of the Water Tower on Michigan Avenue. Presales for Chicago are already closed; general sales begin this Saturday.

The word gezelligheid is a Dutch term that is notoriously difficult to translate into English; it can mean "coziness," "togetherness," "belonging," or a number of other concepts. A press release from Bird describes the "Gezelligheid" concerts this way:

"What I hope to do with these shows is adapt my music completely to the atmosphere of the space and the season.

"I'm inspired to do this based on childhood memories of performing Handel's Messiah in various churches on an annual basis. The music will be mostly original instrumentals using my voice only to intone. I want the audience to be both lifted and comforted as we head into another cold and dark winter. I feel the space should be sacred so the audience can experience my music in a different atmosphere."

Last year, he used ambient lighting and instrumental lines repeated on loops, all of which he played solo, to evoke the mood in a pair of winter concerts at the same space. The Star-Tribune of Minneapolis-St. Paul described his concert last year as "steeped in a wholly unconventional spirit," and Chicagoist had this to say:

Bird allowed the audience a brief peek into his interior world to hear the music that he creates when he's alone for the sheer joy of it, and we were all blessed to be there, sharing in that moment.

General admission tickets for this year's concerts will sell for $35 to $40; the concerts will be held on December 16th and 17th.