09/20/2010 02:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

RECIPE: How to Make Gyoza

Soon after my mother married my father, she asked her three sisters-in-law for some basic cooking lessons. She was already a good cook, but a good German cook. What she wanted to learn was how to prepare simple Japanese dishes for her Japanese husband. That's when she was taught how to make gyoza, a dish that ultimately became a favorite in our family and one that I learned to make from her.

After passing this recipe across cultures and generations, it may have changed slightly over time, but since childhood, I've pretty much stuck to what my mom made: pork, ginger, garlic, chives or scallions, Napa cabbage, carrots and celery wrapped up, pan-fried, and then steamed. I always enjoy preparing gyoza, particularly the folding up of the wrappers which always makes me a bit nostalgic.

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