09/20/2010 12:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jan Brewer's Debate Disaster Becomes Fodder For Ads (VIDEO)

It's been a couple of weeks since Jan Brewer crashed and burned in what would end up being the only debate in the gubernatorial race she's in with Democratic nominee Terry Goddard, but Goddard is aiming to remind Arizonans of her performance.

Via Steve Benen comes news of a trio of ads, all of which make great hay of Brewer's now infamous brain-freeze:


Goddard has previously assailed Brewer for making a lot of unfounded claims about beheadings in the desert -- an issue that flared up during and perhaps most memorably, after this debate. But the debate itself was one of the few very bright moments the Goddard campaign has enjoyed. Looking at these polling numbers, it's pretty clear that Goddard has to do something, like highlighting Brewer's most recent gaffe, to cut into her lead. (It's also rivetingly clear just how mortal a candidate Brewer was until the debate over SB 1070 heated up nationally, after which, Brewer was a superstar.)

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