Spotlight On Yi Hwan-Kwon's 2D Action Figures On View In NYC

09/20/2010 08:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WHO: Yi Hwan-Kwon

WHAT: 'From the Movies'

WHEN: September 9- October 9, 2010

WHERE: Gana Art New York
568 West 25th Street, New York, NY

WHY: The world may be moving toward 3D any chance it gets, but artist Yi Hwan-Kwon makes artwork from a different perspective. Inspired by films seen during his childhood, including Luc Besson's The Professional (Leon) and They Call me Trinity, Hwan-Kwon's sculptures feel familiar and also transformative.

Yi's sculptures invite viewers to decipher a blurred perception of a startlingly comforting faux reality. The compressed and elongated sculptures are modeled after digitally altered 3-D photographs and portray proportionally distorted yet familiar figures. He sculpts and casts his sculptures in FRP, a highly malleable medium, as they would appear on a wide-screen TV.

Yi Hwan-Kwon's Exhibit At Gana Art New York

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