What Else Was In 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Bill?

09/22/2010 09:56 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When Republicans successfully mustered their entire caucus to block an up-or-down vote on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" on Tuesday, they were blocking a heck of a lot more. The National Defense Appropriations Act of 2011 wasn't just about DADT, or the immigrant-friendly DREAM Act, or even the DOD budget: Its more than 3,500 provisions set out an ambitious (largely progressive) agenda for the most powerful government agency in the world. As the party of "Hell no!" tries to convince voters that it has an affirmative vision for America, here's a look at just a few of the other rules Republicans didn't want to become the law of the land--from combating contractor corruption and reducing Uncle Sam's foreign footprint, to going green and caring for wounded warriors:

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