09/23/2010 05:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dan Maes, Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate, Lashes Out At Tom Tancredo

Over in Colorado, the GOP candidate in the gubernatorial race, Dan Maes, is liked by almost nobody. Officials from his own party hate him so much that they've actually threatened to release opposition research to damage his candidacy and his reputation. Adding to his woes is Tom Tancredo, who has mounted a third party campaign, running on the platform that Maes is terrible. What can Maes do? Well, he can start by attacking Tancredo, by calling him the worst thing anyone can call Tancredo. Per Eric Lach:

"You know, I went through the system," Maes said on the Caplis & Silverman Show. "We've got an illegal immigrant in the system right now. And it's a minor party candidate, who didn't go through the system. And he went in the side door at the last minute. Now he's trying to take a job away from someone who earned it."

"And he cheated his way in the back door," Maes added, as the hosts laughed.

Of course, nothing defines Tancredo's political identity more than his antipathy for illegal immigrants, so... shots fired! But none of this is going to help Maes win this race. He's currently bringing up the rear, pollingwise, with Democrat John Hickenlooper in the commanding lead and Tancredo running a distant second. And in a season where the GOP has found a way to warm to characters like Christine O'Donnell, Maes is the one guy the GOP establishment has had absolutely no problem frosting.

Still, getting into an enemy-for-life blood-feud with Tom Tancredo is a pretty excellent consolation prize! To hate like that is to be happy forever.

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