Jerry Seinfeld On 'Today Show': Reveals Identity Of Author Behind 'Letters From A Nut' (VIDEO)

09/24/2010 11:42 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Matt Lauer revealed the man behind the "nut" on the "Today Show" this morning, speaking with comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Barry Marder about the bestselling book series, "Letters from a Nut", by Ted L. Nancy. Although Seinfeld has long been rumored to be the author of the series, Barry Marder is, in fact, Ted L. Nancy.

Marder, a seasoned comedy writer and frequent contributor to the television series "Seinfeld," wrote the outlandish Nancy letters, which feature ridiculous complaints to various corporations. In one such letter, Nancy writes to a Maine hotel to ask if they found his "rubber gorilla feet" left in the men's bathroom.

So, why did the comedians reveal the true identity of Nancy?

"People started trying to take credit for who was doing it," Seinfeld said.

What other letters did Marder write?


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