Loveland Ski Area Begins Making Their Snow For The Ski Season

09/24/2010 07:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It may not even be October yet, but Loveland Ski Area already singing "Let it snow."

Loveland claims to have received the first snowfall of the season yesterday, and is now expounding on the opportunity to make some snow of their own. Around 4 a.m. when humidity levels dropped, snowmaking crews began their work icing three of Loveland's trails: Catwalk, Mambo, and Homerun.

Last year Loveland was the first ski resort in North America to open its slopes when it started its lifts on October 7.

If temperature and humidity levels remain low enough, the snowmakers will continue to try and give the resort a headstart on the ski season.

WATCH Loveland Test Its Snow Guns For The 2010/2011 Season: