Film: New York Film Festival Kicks Off WIth Social Media, Goats, And Reincarnation (VIDEO)

09/26/2010 08:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A. O. Scott narrates a look at the first week of the New York Film Festival.

His article that accompanied this video is called "A Film Festival With a Penchant for Making Tastes, Not Deals" and can be found here...

The New York Film Festival -- which begins its 48th iteration Friday night at Lincoln Center with a gala screening of "The Social Network" -- is at once buoyed and burdened by its past. This is true of other festivals, too. Spend a few hours at Sundance or Cannes and you are bound to hear someone conjuring up the old days, when indie film really, you know, mattered or when Marcello Mastroianni was standing right over there.