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Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone Boasts Projector, Wireless Charging (VIDEO)

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While buzz around the rumored Facebook phone reaches a fever pitch, a smartphone concept called the Mozilla Seabird has surfaced and given us a glimpse into the possible future of mobile devices.

The Seabird, TechCrunch reports, is based on Android technology and "built around the ideals of the Open Web." Award-winning designer Billy May created the device for the Mozilla Labs Concept Series, a community-driven collaborative design project open to Mozilla users. Mozilla has no plans to develop the Seabird concept--for now, at least.

The Seabird features wireless charging, a bright screen, an integrated 8MP camera, and dual pico projectors. Embedded into the side of the Seabird is a Bluetooth dongle, which doubles as a headset and a remote control for the phone.

For a look at more advanced features, which make this device seem more like a palm-sized netbook than a smartphone, check out the video (below). See more incredible phones from the future on The Huffington Post here.

WATCH: [via Tech Crunch]

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