09/28/2010 12:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Gay Cupcake Party' Coming In Indianapolis In Response To Bakery's LGBT Discrimination

An Indianapolis area radio station is holding its "First Annual Gay Cupcake Party" in a show of support for a university LGBT group that was recently denied service at a local bakery.

Members of IUPUI's LGBT organization turned to Indianapolis's Just Cookies bakery to try to fill an order for rainbow colored cupcakes to commemorate "National Coming Out Day," which is set to take place on October 11th. The bakery said they couldn't do it.

After first explaining that they didn't make cupcakes at all, and then claiming that they didn't have the sufficient materials to bake rainbow-colored confections, Just Cookies' co-owner David Stockton explained to local station Fox 59 that there was a moral underpinning to their decision not to serve the group.

"I explained we're a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that," Stockton told Fox 59.

The response has been positive and widespread, with the city's Republican mayor promising to take action against the public business and Indianapolis's "Radio Now" DJs getting behind the LGBT cause with a new event designed to promote and celebrate gay rights with colorful cupcakes for all.

The "Scotty Show's First Annual Gay Cupcake Party" will take place in Indianapolis this Friday.

As Bil Browning at the Bilerico Project notes, this is a big step forward for the Indianapolis media and their handling of LGBT issues:

While the media is generally hit or miss in Indy (a local NBC journalist was named "Worst Reporter in the Nation" by GLAAD), the quality of the coverage around this clear-cut case of discrimination has been excellent.

WATCH local affiliate FOX 59's report:


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