09/28/2010 08:56 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Katie Couric's Most Embarrassing Moment (VIDEO)

Katie Couric shared her most embarrassing moment Monday as part of the one-year anniversary of her web show, @katiecouric.

Couric recalled that while interviewing late make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin about his makeovers book, she focused on one makeover in particular.

"You made over woman in your book, and bless her heart she was really homely," Couric recalls saying to Aucoin. "You performed magic, because at the end she looked like a totally different person, she was really attractive. But boy at first, she really, really needed the help..."

Things got awkward when Aucoin revealed who that woman was:

Couric, who has embraced the webcast more than any other major news anchor, also discussed her start in journalism.

"I got into journalism because I love to write, I like people, and I'm insatiably curious," she said. "I also think that we have a real responsibility to shine a light in dark places, to expose wrongdoing, to also let people know about situations or things that are taboo."

Couric said she fears that "the state of journalism is at risk nowadays, because there's not a lot of money for investigative journalism."


Couric actually responded to a tweet from Arianna Huffington on the webcast as well. Arianna asked, "We hear a lot about hard times leading 2 Tea Party anger. What about Americans who redirect their anger into solutions?"

Couric said that some Tea Party members are channeling their anger into supporting politicians promoting solutions, but that there are also individuals channeling their anger into nonprofit organizations and individual acts of kindness.

"I think bad economic times fuels great kindness and generosity on the parts of people; we see volunteerism and people reaching out to those who are less fortunate," Couric said. "And then you see the other side, anger, which I think can sometimes lead to positive results."