09/29/2010 06:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NRSC Nixes $1.9 Million Ad Buy For Carly Fiorina [UPDATE]

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has chosen to reinvest $1.9 million that they had originally planned to use on last-minute advertising for California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina.

The Daily Caller reports on the current state of the California race:

Boxer, in particular, has done so well that national Democrats have argued that the NRSC's withdrawal of a $1.9 million ad buy for the last week before the Nov. 2 election was a sign that the GOP wants to move the money to other races and is giving up on their candidate, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. Republicans say they merely wanted to give Fiorina flexibility to spend the money around the state and not just in one city.

[UPDATE: Fiorina Deputy Campaign Manager Julie Soderlund said in a statement to HuffPost, "It is unfortunate that the Daily Caller would print these falsehoods being perpetuated by Barbara Boxer and her Democratic allies. There is not one shred of truth to this rumor, the NRSC’s commitment to Carly has not changed and the fact is that this is nothing but wishful thinking on the part of Barbara Boxer who has yet to secure a similar commitment from her own party."]

NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh told the Daily Caller that their faith in Fiorina has not wavered, and that they still expect her to win the seat in November:

"The NRSC has committed a minimum of two million dollars to Carly Fiorina because we are confident she will beat Barbara Boxer in November," Walsh said.

The latest round of polling of shows Boxer with a significant but far from comfortable lead over Fiorina, and the NRSC's shifting of cash may be a sign that Republicans are giving up on the seat.

Despite her advantage in the polls, however, Boxer might be concerned over recent news that parts of her base appear less than enthusiastic about her campaign.

Over the weekend, the dependably liberal San Francisco Chronicle dropped an endorsement bombshell -- or dud, perhaps -- when it chose to back neither Boxer nor Fiorina in the race.