09/29/2010 02:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What If Mark Zuckerberg Had Written 'The Social Network'? (VIDEO)

We were up to our elbows in parodies of "The Social Network" long before it hit theaters, but the best one has come after the movie's release. From Babelgum and Landline TV comes this hilarious version of "The Social Network" from the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg himself.

"Zuckerberg" is written, directed by, and starring Mark Zuckerberg and paints him in a much better light than in "The Social Network." For example, did you know that Zuckerberg is the smartest person ever? Or that his Harvard cohorts are nothing but idiotic, Doritos-chomping thieves? Or that Ray Jay is way cooler than Justin Timberlake? You'll find out all you really need to know about Facebook in "Zuckerberg," but the tag line says it all: "You don't make millions of friends without making Facebook all by yourself."