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10 Best Castle Hotels (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 09/30/10 12:16 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:55 PM ET

Gone are the days when you needed a royal title to spend the night in a castle. Nowadays, even the masses can stay in a storied, turreted keep, as residences of bygone kings and rulers are converted into premier hotels in Europe and beyond. has rounded up top 10 castle hotels in popular European countries, Morocco, India, and even the United States, to help you get the royal treatment at home and abroad. With accommodations befitting a king (and queen!), and fairytale-worthy dungeons, moats, drawbridges, and towers, you'll be feeling like royalty in no time. The only thing missing will be your own crown and scepter - those, you'll have to bring from home. Text and captions courtesy of, adapted from "Top 10 Castle Hotels."

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Amberley Castle, England
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England’s Amberley Castle has a legendary history dating back some 900 years, including ownership by Queen Elizabeth I from 1588 to 1603; visits from Charles II; and a bout in the English Civil War, when Cromwell attacked its walls. Accessed via drawbridge and a magnificent oak portcullis (which is still occasionally lowered at night), the castle hotel’s 60-foot stone curtain walls are topped by turrets and enclose beautiful gardens, complete with a resident peacock. A splendid medieval atmosphere still reigns supreme, with centuries-old suits of armor, intricate tapestries, crossbows, and arched stone doorways. The 19 rooms are luxurious and enchanting, boasting elegant four-poster beds, rich wall hangings and carpets, antique frills, and modern upgrades like en-suite whirlpool tubs

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