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Levi Johnston Passes The 'Most Disliked Politician' Torch To Blagojevich

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We have some bright news for would-be mayor of Wasilla, Alaska Levi Johnston today! Last month, Public Policy Polling found that there was no political figure in all of America who was as universally reviled as the off-again-on-again boyfriend of Bristol Palin. That poll found a 66-point spread in Johnston's favorable/unfavorable ratings, with 72 percent of respondents disapproving and only 6% seeing him in a positive way. At the time, Johnston managed to be less like that former presidential candidate John Edwards, who just might be slightly more liked than the disease with which his jilted wife is afflicted.

Well, Johnston is off the low rung at last!

Levi Johnston's reign as the most unpopular person PPP had ever polled on in any individual state didn't last very long. Rod Blagojevich assumes that dubious crown after we found that 83% of voters in Illinois have an unfavorable opinion of him to only 8% who see him positively. That -75 spread in voter feelings toward him breaks the record of -66 Johnston had set in August.

There's not a lot of point in breaking down feelings toward Blagojevich along demographic lines because pretty much everyone in the state hates him about the same.

So, Johnston can celebrate! (I suppose John Edwards could too, but I'd advise him not to.)

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