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Shery Shabani Accused Of David Beckham Affair

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Shery Shabani, a married mother of two, is accused of sleeping with David Beckham, RadarOnline reports. According to the web site, Shabani's 42-year-old husband furiously tried to ram Beckham's vehicle outside of their children's school last May.

Shabani denies the affair and is a friend of Beckham's longtime wife, Victoria Beckham. As part of her divorce proceedings, Shabani told a court that her husband raged at her, "I know why you're upset, it's your birthday and you didn't get a text message from David Beckham!" She filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage.

Shabani also claims that in August, her husband shoved her. When police arrived at the scene, the situation became only more bizarre:

Joseph told the officers that his wife had "f*cked David Beckham" and "he inexplicably demanded that the officers include his statement in their report" so that he could in turn leak it to the media, she alleged.

Beckham has been dogged by illicit sex accusations from multiple women. A former call girl says she had a steamy threesome with the soccer superstar, and another prostitute has leveled the same charge. In response, Beckham strongly denied the accusations and sued the magazine that published the story. Last week he angrily confronted a fan who heckled him about the accusations.

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