A Lean Guide to Art in Chicago

10/04/2010 02:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011 kind of makes you feel like an executive. One look at their calendar of Chicago art events and you start to wonder if you'll be able to fit everything in. In addition to a standard listing of shows, the site covers talks and fundraisers, with most of the locations cross-referenced in a dense map of the city's gallery spaces. It collects an enormous amount of information, and seeing it all at once on the front page calendar can make even an insider feel out of touch. But the simple format is so undemanding that it's the kind of site you might check on Monday for the latest gallery openings, on Wednesday in case they've updated, and on Friday and Saturday when you don't have any plans for the evening. It's just a shame that it won't select a show, buy your tickets online and then call you a cab.

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