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Best Fried Chicken in NYC (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 10/04/10 05:19 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:55 PM ET

By Joshua M Bernstein, Citysearch

At some point in the last several years, the Mason-Dixon line moved somewhere north of Manhattan. That's the only way we can explain the sudden influx of southern-leaning restaurants serving first-rate fried fowl. Sizzled in skillets or dunked in a hot-oil bath 'til burnished brown, this new breed of fried chicken--served at restaurants ranging from Harlem to hipster Williamsburg--is giving hungry New Yorkers something to cluck about.

The Redhead
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The Redhead
349 E 13th Street
New York, NY 10009

During weak moments, you can easily overdose on chef Meg Grace’s addictive bacon-peanut brittle and soft pretzels served with beer cheese and chips with butter-braised onion dip. Don’t. Instead, stuff your gut with chicken that’s soaked in brine, given a buttermilk nap, then deep-fried ‘til its crunch is as loud as a rock concert. Citysearch
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