10/05/2010 04:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

9 Companies Cashing In On Our Doomsday Fears (PHOTOS)

These days the apocalypse is a profitable business. There's no shortage of companies marketing to our worst fears -- whether they be a nuclear doomsday, a massive food shortage or even a return to the gold standard. In fact, as Zero Hedge noted today, Costco now sells a product called THRIVE, which includes full-year's supply of canned food, or 5,011 servings, if you're counting.

For the bargain shopper planing for the end of the world, we've compiled some of the more prominent products and companies that are catering to your apocalyptic needs. Check them out below:

(Ron Wilson contributed to this piece.)

9 Companies Cashing In On Our Doomsday Fears