On 'Daily Show,' Stewart Nails Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Politics

10/05/2010 06:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As usual, Jon Stewart said what everyone in the media was thinking on last night's "Daily Show." This time, it was about Rahm Emanuel.

"Oh, he's a dick," Stewart said.

In three short minutes, Stewart eviscerated Emanuel, his successor Peter Rouse ("he must be either Dr. Evil or Jon from 'Garfield'"), a too-polite news media, and, yes, the political culture of Chicago.

Scroll down for video.

"Here's a little known fact about TV news shows," the "Daily Show" host told his audience: "they almost never call anyone a dick."

He followed with a montage of euphemisms applied to Rahm by a pantheon of talking heads, who described him as "bombastic" and "brusque," said he "isn't afraid of breaking a little china," and "isn't a shrinking violet."

Well then, what's the political future of such a non-shrinking violet?

"Chicago: where being a dick isn't a political liability, it's a job requirement," Stewart quipped.

He rounded out the bit with a send-up of Rahm's YouTube video announcing his candidacy.

Watch Stewart on Emanuel:

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