Good News For Commuters, Bad News For Second Avenue Stores

10/05/2010 10:23 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WiFi Coming To (Some) Subways

It's been reported that the MTA is planning to bring Wi-Fi into six select stations. Plans are underway to have wireless access at the West 14th street and 23rd street stops within a few months. Chris Jaeger, CEO of Transit Wireless, the company tasked with bringing WiFi underground, says all 277 stations will be operational by 2016.

New Info Screens

Also in the news, the MTA promises to outfit every station with electronic signs giving commuters real time updates on train schedules. The screens would monitor trains progress, report delays and even suggest alternate routes. MTA chief Jay Walder says the MTA is trying to "give information that allows people to relax. It gives riders a sense of control that they know what's going on."

2nd Ave Subway Update

Construction for Second Avenue subway, after nearly 100 years of stalling, seems to be moving forward swiftly. While progress is being made on many fronts, the Times reports a downside to project: the "orphaned" stores of Second Avenue.