10/05/2010 07:38 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Walker Jones Education Campus' Farm Teaches Public School Students Healthy Eating Firsthand In D.C. (VIDEO)

In the heart of the United States' capital, mere blocks from where elected officials enact the legislation that shapes the future of the country, one public school is doing its part to ensure that incoming generations are getting a better sense of healthy eating, and learning about it firsthand.

This video from CNN takes a look at Walker Jones Education Campus' new half-acre farm sprouting up on the corner of K and New Jersey Avenue in Washington D.C. With the help of chef John Cochran, students of the elementary and junior high school are getting to experience and appreciate real food in an outdoor classroom environment.

"By having students in the garden picking the food, tasting the food, and in a tactile way learning about it, they're more likely to try it," Jeffrey Mills, director of D.C. Public Schools Food and Nutrition, tells CNN.

According to, the farm received help getting started from various companies. Whole Foods' regional farming manager introduced biodynamic agriculture techniques, Starbucks and Chinatown Coffee donated coffee grounds to create fertilizer with and Home Depot supplied materials.

While Congress is down the street crafting the nation's policies, Walker Jones' farm is teaching the future of the country the skills needed to grow a sustainable, healthy America.