Bill Brady: Let Schools Teach Creationism

10/06/2010 12:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Where does Bill Brady stand on evolution and creationism?

As Election Day approaches, Brady, the Republican candidate, holds a lead in most polls of the governor's race, despite having views on social issues significantly to the right of the average Illinoisan. So it's a question that inquiring minds might find themselves asking.

One of those minds was on the Sun-Times editorial board Tuesday, when Brady and his running mate, Jason Plummer, sat down for a lengthy interview.

Brady was asked over and over about his personal views on evolution. He repeatedly avoided the question, saying only that he believed that local school districts should be able to teach creationism if they please.

"I believe knowledge is power, and I believe local school districts should establish the curriculum when it comes to those things," Brady said.

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As for his own views, Brady was stubborn in his evasiveness.

"My knowledge and my faith lead me to believe in both evolution and creationism," he said.

"So you believe in intelligent design?"

"I believe that God created the earth and it evolved."

The Sun-Times was not satisfied. "I know, Senator, but intelligent design and evolution are actually diametrically opposed, you can't believe in both. Either you believe the earth was created in six days by God or you believe it was not. ... Do you believe in intelligent design?"

"I believe that God created the earth and it has evolved," Brady repeated, near-verbatim.

Jim Leach, WMAY-AM news director and a talk show host, asked Brady on the air if it would be OK for public schools to teach "intelligent design" as a theory in science class.

They talked about a definition of terms, and Brady said he saw intelligent design as "in other words, teaching the Bible."

"I think we should teach the Bible in our schools," Brady said. "One of the basic, fundamental voids we have in our school system is bringing God into the system."

Asked if he would teach intelligent design as an alternative to evolution, Brady said, "I think we should teach everything that educates our children, and I think bringing God and the Bible into that is critically important."

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Watch Brady with the Sun-Times editors. For his views on creationism, start around 32:40.

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