Bill & Melinda Gates Sponsoring ABC News Health Coverage

12/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NEW YORK — ABC News is announcing a yearlong project to focus attention on the diseases and health conditions that afflict the world's poorest people.

The series, "Be the Change: Save a Life," will begin in December and continue through 2011. The network said Wednesday that the project will be led by news anchor Diane Sawyer and ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser. It says the series will entail reporting from across all ABC News broadcasts and platforms.

A special website will be devoted to gathering stories and serving as an information clearinghouse.

ABC News plans to spend more than $4.5 million on the initiative. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is giving $1.5 million more for overseas travel and production.


ABC News is owned by the Walt Disney Co.